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Transport Planning

Transport Planning is a specific area of application of data driven decision making in which Gnosis Axia has significant experience. 
Services offered include:

Transport Data Analytics

Big and traditional data analytics with the objectives of assessing the performance of transportation networks, identifying patterns and key drivers of behaviour relationships, diagnosing transport networks to assess their strengths and weaknesses, etc.

Modelling and Strategic Network Analysis

Evaluation of transportation demand and network connectivity, including demand forecasting and accessibility analyses to support transportation network and land-use planning decision making processes.

Analytics Tool Development

Development of interactive web-based tools for descriptive and/or predictive analyses. These tools typically rely on a combination of local and remote data sets and are composed of a robust analytical back end and a powerful, simple to use front end with clear and modern data visualization elements.

Spatial Analysis

Spatial analysis services include location selection analyses, location allocation and demographic analyses to support planning.

Project Appraisal

Economic appraisal of transportation projects. Including business case development with specific expertise with UK and Ontario (Metrolinx) methodologies, and high level advice and peer review.

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