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Our team


Felipe Camargo

Gnosis Axia Founder &

Managing Principal

Felipe is a transportation planner and data scientist with approximately 20 years of professional experience; he has worked for both the private and public sectors in Canada, the United Kingdom, Colombia and Australia.


His experience ranges from big data analytics, machine learning and process automation to strategic network modelling, transport economics and spatial analysis. 


Throughout his career Felipe has led projects involving descriptive analytics, such as transit and transport system diagnostics; predictive analytics, such as developing modelling frameworks for transit-oriented development; and scenario planning and evaluation and tool development.


Depending on the needs of the client and the task at hand we collaborate with external partners, including Enrique Molano, Craig Leonard, Robert Fetenau and Leo Eyles, each of whom brings a unique set of skills and extensive experience.

Enrique Molano

Data Science Software Development

Robert Feteanu

Aviation Planning Analytics

Craig Leonard

Change Management & Operational Readiness

Leo Eyles

Transport Economics

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