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Helping you generate the insights

that drive value-creating decisions

We believe that the most valuable decisions are made with ample supporting, objective, evidence. 

In today’s world we produce enormous amounts of data but only use a small fraction; many organizations still make limited use of the data that they generate - and in many cases even pay for - in their decision making processes. 


Data analytics can help paint a clear picture of past and present business performance and to identify  key drivers of success.

It can also help predict what may happen as a consequence of changes in the economy, products and services, the environment, and/or unexpected events. 

We know data can seem overwhelming. There’s a lot of it… 

It is generated and collected by businesses and organizations for themselves, and offered commercially by third parties. It can be difficult to distinguish what is useful from what is not. 


We can help

Our mission at Gnosis Axia is to support businesses and organizations to achieve more effective decision making based on:


• clear formulation of needs 
• understanding of the value data and analytics 
• identification of data gaps
• deployment of data analytics for insight generation

Our services include


AnalyticS Roadmap Design


Data Advisory


Data Analytics


Analytics Tools Development


Gnosis Axia was established in 2020, offering services in support of data driven decision making, including analytics roadmap design, data advisory, data analytics and analytics tool development. Services are offered across all industries, with transport planning as a specific area of application.


Interested in working together? 

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